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Bacon Cheeseburger Mac with Avocado and Cauliflower

My family’s favorite aspect of my cooking has always been that I’m always creating new dishes, adding random ingredients to classic dishes, and cook a wide variety of things.

When I was 13 or 14, I became vegetarian, and veganism followed shortly afterward. I knew that my diet had something to do with why I always felt sick, but I didn’t know what it was. I noticed I didn’t feel as sick when I didn’t eat meat.

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Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies


I wish I had reasons beyond poor health for taking so long to post this recipe. I really wanted this up before Thanksgiving, but having health problems beyond Celiac causes issues during the holidays.

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Contamination in the Kitchen

The promised cookies are coming very soon – in about an hour or two – but first, I have to finish cleaning the kitchen. Y’all, wow. I’ve had gluten-free kitchens since my diagnosis in late 2011. My boyfriend, however, is still learning this. He’s still hanging onto to one contaminated cast-iron pan before I move all of my pans in, and then his gets re-seasoned so it doesn’t get confused for mine of the same size.

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Sorry I didn’t give y’all a holiday update. I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family -yes, boyfriend, one of many life changes was a divorce. They made sure the turkey was gluten free, which honestly, isn’t difficult at all. The honey ham was too. That was great of them to check, my daughter loves ham way more than turkey. I didn’t want to ask more than that of them the first big holiday I spend around them, so I brought a few dishes myself.

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I’m Back, y’all!

Ok, so I disappeared for…a few years. Sorry about that. Health issues up and down, personal life upheavals. I’m still cooking, still coming up with new recipes, and I’m continuing the family cookbook my mom was working on – bless her soul.

Not only that, but I’m making a gluten-free version of it. A mix of family recipes, spanning from classic Cajun staples and comfort foods, to nearly every Creole dish you’d find in an upscale restaurant in New Orleans, to traditional southern desserts and holiday treats. If I can get it done within a year, I may try to get it published. One little snag though – *someone* nosed around and published a rather empty blog using nearly the same name as mine to promote an…uninspired cookbook.

Sorry the blog name was already taken, cher. I guess I’ll just have to come up with a better name when I publish my cookbook, me.


There ain’t even a damn bayou in Denham.



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Potato & Leek Soup with Mushroom and Turnip Greens


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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Part 2

Oh boy. Since the weather is still flip-flopping something fierce and leaving me feeling worse for the wear, I confiscated my laptop and ferreted it away to the bedroom. Hubs can deal when he gets back from class and just do his homework instead of whatever it is he does all day, because I need to finish this post already. Remember these?

My brother's favorite breakfast.

The biscuits have returned!

Well, I guess you kinda need the gravy recipe to make them look like that. So, without further adieu (screw you, ‘ado’ sounds like the noise my derpy dog makes), Gluten-Free White Sausage Gravy.

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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, part 1

My brother’s favorite breakfast.

Biscuits. Moist, fluffy, and slightly chewy. Drop biscuits, specifically. I’ve never been a fan of rolled biscuits. They never seem to break apart like they should when homemade, and I can’t stand the store-bought layered biscuits in a can. The layers just weird me out. I keep expecting to find a bug between the layers.

No, I’m not saying there are bugs in the packing plant for companies that make layered biscuits in cans. I’m saying I have terrible paranoia and food that has layers that can hide things makes me think it has something to hide.

Like bugs.

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A Little Something

Mrrrph. I’m going to make every effort to post the biscuits and gravy over the weekend, along with the lemon scones and cranberry cream cheese icing, but I can’t promise both, if anything, right now.

My brother has discovered that even with using disposable hose tips and “being a dick”, as his friends put it, about not sharing his hose, it’s still quite easy to catch a cold at a hookah bar. It’s even easier to give said cold to the sister you live with, and her toddler. Since I’m on steroids, the cold (likely RSV) is really beating me up. My daughter is also getting cranky and sniffly.

So, until I’m better, enough with the sick talk. Here’s a photo of what you have to look forward to. Make sure you have white rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, and either xanthan or guar gum or psyllium husk (Metamucil) and flax meal. I’ve found that psyllium and flax work better together than on their own. Also, cranberries, cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar (gluten free) and either a pastry bag or a ziploc with a tiny hole cut out of the corner.


Good night for now, I’m going back to bed.

❤ Windi

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A Change of Heart

Blogger is…interesting. I like the extra features and the ability to customize the look and feel more than I can here, but I’m just not feeling the love for it. I don’t like the interface or making changes, and I don’t like their version of the Dashboard. Also, paid features are better here, and I’m buying my domain name next week.

So, it looks like I’ll be staying here.

Sorry this isn’t a food post, but keep an eye out, I’ll be posting my take on Gluten Free Biscuits and Sausage Gravy sometime this week, and maybe some Cranberry Lemon scones.  No, scones are not Cajun by any means, but I make awesome GF scones with frozen cranberries (dried are yucky for baking IMO), and cranberries don’t get enough baking love.

Also, always getting paired with orange and bran?   BLECCHH!!

Just letting you know up front, this is not a ‘health food’ blog. I do not guaranty that any recipe I post will be low-fat, low-carb, low-cholesterol, or low-anything, with the exception of gluten, and in that case, by low I mean none. What I do guaranty is that when followed with a good bit of faithfulness and the right cookware (seriously, you can’t just use any old pot to make gumbo), the recipes I offer to you will produce good food. I do like to use whole grains as often as possible when baking, but if a healthier whole grain flour just doesn’t taste as good in a biscuit as white rice flour, I’m not using it again. I looove using agave nectar – when it tastes better (or when baking for my diabetic uncle). I try not to use starches too often, but sometimes, they’re needed.

That doesn’t mean I drown everything in butter and bacon. I use canola oil when possible (GF flours are none too forgiving, and don’t seem to like canola all by its lonesome), but butter and shortening give better results, as does coconut oil. I do not cook the recipes I post every day; in fact, I only cook traditional Cajun meals once or twice a week. Vegetables are queen in my kitchen and on my dinner table.

What this does mean is that you, dear readers, get the tastiest things I create. You don’t get the baked potatoes zapped in the microwave and sprinkled with Slap Ya Mama and margarine because I’m too tired to cook anything else. Or tomatoes and hummus. Or a salad, or a green smoothie. You can do that easily on your own. You don’t need a Cajun with Celiac disease to help you out.

But you just might need help with a gluten-free chicken and andouille gumbo. Just give me a bit until the weather settles back down. It’s supposed to be January, but I’ve had my air conditioner running for 3 days now, and 75 degrees outside is sooo not gumbo weather.

❤ Windi

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