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I'm a net nerd, amateur chef, gamer geek, SAHM, military wife, Cajun, and have semi-serious plans of resuming my poli sci degree in Fall 2012. I have Hashimoto's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Celiac disease. Cooking delicious and beautiful food is my passion, and I can usually make it healthy too, and it's always gluten-free, but you'd never guess it!


Don’t freak if you take a look around and posts have disappeared into the abyss of the internet. There’s a chance of updates happening more frequently, so I’m tossing the non-food posts.

I’m still alive, obviously.

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Is this on?

I’m still here, I’ve just been more busy than I like. We still haven’t finished unpacking the last couple of boxes, the fickle summer weather has started (hello hurricane season, goodbye anything that resembles human sleeping patterns), I just had my 3rd Humira injection (which is somewhAt kicking my ass, although my joints dont hurt much anymore) and my toddler turns 2 next week. Oh, and the dishwasher drain hose is connected to..NOTHING!! That plus an infected finger (thank you Humira) means Hubs is stuck doing dishes by himself, by hand. So not much cooking, really. Microwaved Amy’s meals.


Someone needs to find me that magic wand that makes things go away so I can cook. At least the rain. Alas, no such wand exists. So, sleepy time until the weather clears.

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To a new apartment, that is. We’re almost finished. Today is the last push, moving in our pets, the last of the kitchen supplies and our toiletries, and moving the router so that we’ll have a wireless signal. Sleeping on an air mattress (that deflates multiple times in a night) the last week has been rough on me, so I’ve sleeping ridiculous amount.

I’ve also been informed my my physical therapist that I’m not allowed to lift more than 5 lbs to waist height, 3 lbs to shoulder height, or 1 lb above ngmy shoulders. The severe impingement in both shoulders has just been undone, and I can now work with pulleys to build up muscle, but any lifting will damage the tendons and ligaments. I can’t even walk the dog or lift the Bug. If I had been following these restrictions the past month (if someone had informed me of them >.<) I probably would have been able to start resistance training much sooner.

The good news! My new kitchen is twice as large as my old one. The fridge is bigger, the oven is standard size instead of compact, I have more than double the cabinet and counter space, and thanks to the washer and dryer hookups and a very generous grandmother-in-law, we have a brand new washer and dryer.

While some people may be of the opinion that our larger, cheaper apartment isn't in the best neighborhood (emphasis on hood), our building isn't in the middle of a giant parking lot, like our soon-to-be-vacant apartment. Bug will be able to play outside without being in danger of being hit by an idiot speeding through a badly designed parking lot with too few spaces and not enough visitor parking. I can walk the dog and go for a run without going all the way to the park or navigating tons of through- traffic. And what little carpet there is in the apartment isn't stupid indoor/outdoor crap (have I mentioned how much I hate carpet?), and it's not even in our room. My brother can have his carpet. Blechh.

I'll try for more of an update in a few days when the new apartment is unpacked more.

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Still Alive…

      I’m still here, just sick again. I’m getting better and I’ll post a proper update soon.  Other updates might be sporadic, however, since we start packing and moving next week, and I start Humira in a week or two.

       Hopefully I’ll be sick less often once I wean off of prednisone, especially since it really sucks when I give walking pneumonia to Hubs and to my brother, and they both neglect it so long that it incubates to full-blown kick-your-teeth-in pneumonia. Even moreso when I get bronchitis before Hubs even finishes his antibiotics.

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Potato & Leek Soup with Mushroom and Turnip Greens


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The 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge


So, I’m joining in on the 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge. Basically, you pick a level and try to read the number of books in that bracket. They have to be pagan nonfiction. I picked Novice, which is 1-5 books, but I may bump it up if I finish the books in the next few months, which will happen easily enough, If Spawnling allows me to read.

I’m currently reading Dancing With Dragons by DJ Conway, Tarot For Beginners by P. Scott Hollander, and Druid Power by Amber Wolfe. Once I finish Druid Power I’m going to start either Celtic Magic by DJ Conway or Druid Magic by Maya Magee Sutton and Nicolas R Mann. I’m going to read both of them, I just haven’t yet decided which is going to be next in line. Mystical Dragon Magick, also by DJ Conway, is on the list as well, but I’m going to finish Dancing with Dragons first.

The tarot book I read a chapter of here and there. I’ve been reading tarot cards for years, but I’m a little rusty and need a refresher on the cards. I know what they all mean, but this is one of the most concise books I’ve ever read (aside from the CIG tarot book- for reals) and it’s the one Hubs happens to have in his library, which, by the way, puts the New Age section at most book stores to shame. I’m also reading the Shadowscapes Companion, the book that came with my new tarot deck, a birthday gift from a friend.

If I get to finish those, I’m also going to read Advanced Celtic Shamanism, another by DJ Conway, and I think I might talk Hubs into picking up herMoon Magick title I’ve been eyeing. The last two books I’ve really been wanting to read this year are Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess by Stephanie Woodfield and Celtic Myth and Magic by Edain McCoy.

Edit –

Oh, by the way, I forgot to link to this post in my comment on the Domestic Pagan page for the Reading Challenge, I accidentally linked to my blog itself. Seriously, accident. I’m a ditz sometimes and sporadically have massive reading comprehension fails (thank you brain damage). So, I’m putting an image link in the sidebar.

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What do y’all think?

My ability to cook and to post has been stymied by many different things lately. Some are simple and can be overcome with creativity – small kitchen -giant wooden cutting board on top of stove for prep space.
Husband hogging the laptop- download WP app for iPhone that I use for everything anyway. Crazy Louisiana weather making RA flare so badly I don’t want to stand for more than 5 minutes ate stretch – Tuesday is my labwork and the PPD to confirm that I don’t have the dreaded consumptive lung (which I don’t, but they need it on paper and via my bullseye-free arm), and after that I get to start biologic injections, and hopefully wean off of prednisone.

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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Part 2 (Finally!)

Oh boy. Since the weather is still flip-flopping worse than Mitt Romney and leaving me feeling worse for the wear, I confiscated my laptop and ferreted it away to the bedroom. Hubs can deal when he gets back from class and just do his homework instead of whatever it is he does all day, because I need to finish this post already. Remember these?

My brother's favorite breakfast.

The biscuits have returned!

Well, I guess you kinda need the gravy recipe to make them look like that. So, without further adieu (screw you, ‘ado’ sounds like the noise my derpy dog makes), Gluten-Free White Sausage Gravy.

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Bad Weather Blows

Literally. It blows. As a result, I’m stuck in a nasty rheumatoid flare-up. I haven’t really been able to cook, and my internet contact has been limited to checking facebook and blogs on my iPhone on the couch or in bed. And being a cat pillow. I have a kitten on my chest right now.

I love the food here, but I really hate Louisiana’s climate.

Edit – Oh, I almost forgot – My doctor just informed me this past Friday that the cough I’ve had for nearly a month and thought was just a nagging cold is actually walking pneumonia. I’m on meds and getting better, but I forgot how much mycin antibiotics knock me out. Whomever said when it rains it pours wasn’t lying.

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Sorry I haven’t posted part two yet, I was hit hard by a manic episode the day after my last post and have been trying to get my sleeping schedule back to something resembling that of a normal person’s ever since. I try to avoid the Internet when manic, I don’t think anyone wants to read Charlie Sheen-like rants. At least not on a cooking blog, anyway. We’re off to visit family who, sadly, does not have Internet, so, I will do my best to finish the posting tomorrow.

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