About the Bayou Girl

I’m still working on this section, but for now, this blog is going to be Cajun recipes everyone knows and loves, sans gluten. There will also be desserts, baked goods, Creole dishes, and other southern dishes common to the Gulf Coast. I’ll put more about myself later, but I’ll let you know now I’m a lifelong resident of Acadiana and a current resident of Lafayette; a wife, mother, and am not quite 30; I have been an avid chef for nearly 10 years, and I’ve been cooking a lot longer.

The photo used in the header was taken by me using my iPhone 3G the day I got it in April of 2009, in New Iberia, LA. The wood background is via http://www.smashingmagazine.com/texture-gallery-wood-bark/.

Any other photos used are taken by my husband (a much better photographer than I) with a real people camera or myself unless otherwise noted.


4 thoughts on “About the Bayou Girl

  1. Looking forward to reading through your blog more. I love the cooking from Louisiana, and need to look into more gluten-free foods. Thanks.

    • Thank you! I’m doing what I can to post more often, but between a toddler, crazy weather making my RA flare up, and sharing my laptop (one more month!), I tend to have weird times that I can update.

  2. nanlt

    We love Cajun and Creole cooking in our house, and just about any other come to think of it. And I need to eat GF as much as possible. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say on all these and more.

  3. Hi Bayou Girl!

    I am a Marketing Associate for Mini Pops, a certified gluten free snack food company from Stoughton, MA.

    I came across your great blog (the recipes look awesome!), and I thought that you and your readers might want to know that Mini Pops are now available in the gluten free section of many Rouses Markets throughout Louisiana.

    Mini Pops are a healthy (and tasty!) snack made from air-popped, organic sorghum grain. Our product tastes very similar to popcorn, but it is smaller, crunchier, and more nutritious. Also, Mini Pops are easier to digest than popcorn, and they lack the hulls that can get caught in one’s teeth, throat, or braces.

    We would love for you to visit our website to learn more about Mini Pops:

    If you or any of your readers have any questions about Mini Pops, please do not hesitate to send me an email at jason.fishman@myminipops.com

    All the Best,


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