Contamination in the Kitchen

The promised cookies are coming very soon – in about an hour or two – but first, I have to finish cleaning the kitchen. Y’all, wow. I’ve had gluten-free kitchens since my diagnosis in late 2011. My boyfriend, however, is still learning this. He’s still hanging onto to one contaminated cast-iron pan before I move all of my pans in, and then his gets re-seasoned so it doesn’t get confused for mine of the same size.


Did you know that your old, pre-diagnosis wooden spoons are full of gluten that’s never coming out? If you haven’t already, please replace them. Your non-stick cookware? Mais yeah, it’s hiding in the scratches. Toss them out, or put them in a box with your cooking spoons you can’t use any more. Your cast iron? Scrub it down to silver and re-season it. Wooden cutting boards? Same thing.

All those cooking supplies you can’t use anymore, all that flour? If they haven’t expired, if they’re still in good shape? Pack them up all nice and neat, clean them up, pack them in a box, and give them to a friend in need. Maybe not a family member though – celiac disease runs in families. My daughter has it, my brother has it, my mom (bless her soul) had it, and some of my uncles have it. My aunt isn’t sure, she hasn’t been tested, but she eats gluten free just to be safe.

If you want a good list, this website can give you a guide.

Now, I’m off to finish cleaning and work on cookies.

❤ Windi

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One thought on “Contamination in the Kitchen

  1. So very true. I’m allergic to dairy and some non-allergy people just don’t understand the contamination thing. It’s frustrating!!

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