Sorry I didn’t give y’all a holiday update. I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family -yes, boyfriend, one of many life changes was a divorce. They made sure the turkey was gluten free, which honestly, isn’t difficult at all. The honey ham was too. That was great of them to check, my daughter loves ham way more than turkey. I didn’t want to ask more than that of them the first big holiday I spend around them, so I brought a few dishes myself.

It’s a bit late, so I’ll recreate them and post lots of photos of them over the next few weeks- they’re more than appropriate for the Christmas/Solstice season- but my readers will get a recipe that my family has been hounding me to share for over almost 5 years now, I believe the holiday season following the inception of this blog.

Y’all, my family doesn’t even know how to make this cheesecake, but I’ll post the recipe and full instructions. Along with my smoked paprika and garlic roasted snap beans and potatoes, and gluten free gumbo that actually tastes good.

See, the flour is the trick. You won’t get a good, dark roux with rice or sorghum- they burn too easily, and if the roux doesn’t look like baker’s chocolate, the flavor won’t stand up to andouille sausage. It took a few tries – and monumental failures and downright nasty-tasting roux experiments- before I found the perfect flour for dark roux, but I’ve pretty much nailed down which flour works best for what color roux you want and what you’re using it for.

Lache pas la patate.

I know. It doesn’t exactly translate well, does it? Sounds silly, right? It really means “don’t give up”. Just because the potato’s hot, don’t drop it. Don’t let go.

Changing all of our recipes to gluten free because we suddenly find out our beloved, time-honored family recipes are making us sick is heart-breaking. Don’t let it break you.

Lache pas la patate. Don’t let go. Speaking of potatoes- I got you a potato salad recipe for that gumbo. Yeah, potato salad is already gluten free (leave out the Tony’s, cher, it ain’t safe!) but what’s gumbo without potato salad?


❤ Windi

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