Monthly Archives: June 2012

Is this on?

I’m still here, I’ve just been more busy than I like. We still haven’t finished unpacking the last couple of boxes, the fickle summer weather has started (hello hurricane season, goodbye anything that resembles human sleeping patterns), I just had my 3rd Humira injection (which is somewhAt kicking my ass, although my joints dont hurt much anymore) and my toddler turns 2 next week. Oh, and the dishwasher drain hose is connected to..NOTHING!! That plus an infected finger (thank you Humira) means Hubs is stuck doing dishes by himself, by hand. So not much cooking, really. Microwaved Amy’s meals.


Someone needs to find me that magic wand that makes things go away so I can cook. At least the rain. Alas, no such wand exists. So, sleepy time until the weather clears.

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