What do y’all think?

My ability to cook and to post has been stymied by many different things lately. Some are simple and can be overcome with creativity – small kitchen -giant wooden cutting board on top of stove for prep space.
Husband hogging the laptop- download WP app for iPhone that I use for everything anyway. Crazy Louisiana weather making RA flare so badly I don’t want to stand for more than 5 minutes ate stretch – Tuesday is my labwork and the PPD to confirm that I don’t have the dreaded consumptive lung (which I don’t, but they need it on paper and via my bullseye-free arm), and after that I get to start biologic injections, and hopefully wean off of prednisone.

But- something else has come up. It’s a bit private, and a bit uncomfortable to talk about. For the last month, we haven’t really had money to buy groceries beyond bare essentials. Hubs has been eating ramen (which he is strangely happy with) for dinner most nights. I eat whatever I can throw together that doesn’t have gluten in it. Spawnling usually eats what I eat, but sometimes gets grilled cheese. My brother (who sleeps on the futon) eats at one of his two jobs waiting tables, or he eats fruit or cereal.

For those who don’t me personally but read this, I am disabled. I receive SSI, and therefore also receive SNAP (food stamps, y’all). Hubs is a medically retired OIF Marine Corps and Navy vet attending university so that he can become a geologist. As to why he doesn’t have a job- just try finding a job when your only work experience for 10 years is shooting people, fixing giant diesel engines, finding subs on sonar, and blowing things up. Add ice and a PTSD diagnosis to the mix. Shake until frosty. He’s a wonderful husband and a great father, but, uhhh, he’s scary. Seriously. The most common descriptor used by people who don’t know him is “the scary guy”. Not something that helps to get you hired in most fields.

His GI Bill housing allowance (and tuition payment) and his pell grant still haven’t come in yet. Direct loans from the university (and family) have been keeping us afloat. Our SNAP recertification was denied because of a reporting error. It’s been fixed, but it will take another week before I can ‘make groceries’. Until then, no real Cajun food is going to get cooked.

So, my question to you, the few people that actually read this. Should I post more regularly, even if I don’t have recipes to share? The readers I have who know me personally can attest that I’m at least passably entertaining, thanks to an abundance of wit, ADHD, and Bipolar 1. I could probably crank out 2-3 posts a week, all funny and entertaining and thought provoking, about trying to parent a toddler while trying to navigate being gluten-free in the deep south, oh yeah, and I’m openly Pagan and raising said toddler as such. I’ll get back to the foods as soon as I can start cooking more regularly, but letting a blog lie fallow (that Hubs paid for for my birthday!!) makes me feel horribly guilty.

Just remember, I’m not right in the head, and you were warned.

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4 thoughts on “What do y’all think?

  1. You need to take care of you first. We enjoy reading your posts and learning about the world as you see it, but when you’re hurting and stressed, it’s too much.

    I hope things start looking up for your family soon. Your husband does have a lot of challenges in front of him, but he also has a great set of skills to help him get through it. One advantage he has in the classroom is that he is an adult and he knows full well what’s at stake if he screws up; his peers … not so much.

    Be strong and take care of yourself and the family.

    • Hubs is doing well enough in school, except for a math class that he’s going to have to retake. Most of my time is taken up by mothering, reading, drawing again now that the pain in my hands (which I had grown to accept as a fact of life) has subsided, and lately watching a lot of Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix. I’m not exactly employable, and never really will be unless I get a degree in something. I typically cook a lot, but until the financial situation goes back to normal, not much of what I cook will be ‘blog-worthy’. That’s the point, though. Outside of physical therapy that starts next week, I’ve got lots of time on my hands, and can post fairly often, they just won’t be Cajun recipe posts.

      I can scan and upload drawings, though, and post non-Cajun recipes. I actually only cook Cajun food once a week normally. It’s really not healthy stuff. Tasty, yes, but it’ll make you fat and send your blood pressure skyrocketing.

      • Don’t feel obligated to just do Cajun cooking blogs. You can use that as your main organizing theme, but you have so much to say and so many different talents, I’d hate to see you limit yourself.

        I’ll stop giving unsolicited advice. I’m just rooting for you and the family. And I’m being selfish because I want you to entertain me; I’m just like the toddler in the house.

  2. Izzyosaur

    I’d say post away.

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