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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Part 2 (Finally!)

Oh boy. Since the weather is still flip-flopping worse than Mitt Romney and leaving me feeling worse for the wear, I confiscated my laptop and ferreted it away to the bedroom. Hubs can deal when he gets back from class and just do his homework instead of whatever it is he does all day, because I need to finish this post already. Remember these?

My brother's favorite breakfast.

The biscuits have returned!

Well, I guess you kinda need the gravy recipe to make them look like that. So, without further adieu (screw you, ‘ado’ sounds like the noise my derpy dog makes), Gluten-Free White Sausage Gravy.

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Bad Weather Blows

Literally. It blows. As a result, I’m stuck in a nasty rheumatoid flare-up. I haven’t really been able to cook, and my internet contact has been limited to checking facebook and blogs on my iPhone on the couch or in bed. And being a cat pillow. I have a kitten on my chest right now.

I love the food here, but I really hate Louisiana’s climate.

Edit – Oh, I almost forgot – My doctor just informed me this past Friday that the cough I’ve had for nearly a month and thought was just a nagging cold is actually walking pneumonia. I’m on meds and getting better, but I forgot how much mycin antibiotics knock me out. Whomever said when it rains it pours wasn’t lying.

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Sorry I haven’t posted part two yet, I was hit hard by a manic episode the day after my last post and have been trying to get my sleeping schedule back to something resembling that of a normal person’s ever since. I try to avoid the Internet when manic, I don’t think anyone wants to read Charlie Sheen-like rants. At least not on a cooking blog, anyway. We’re off to visit family who, sadly, does not have Internet, so, I will do my best to finish the posting tomorrow.

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