A Change of Heart

Blogger is…interesting. I like the extra features and the ability to customize the look and feel more than I can here, but I’m just not feeling the love for it. I don’t like the interface or making changes, and I don’t like their version of the Dashboard. Also, paid features are better here, and I’m buying my domain name next week.

So, it looks like I’ll be staying here.

Sorry this isn’t a food post, but keep an eye out, I’ll be posting my take on Gluten Free Biscuits and Sausage Gravy sometime this week, and maybe some Cranberry Lemon scones.  No, scones are not Cajun by any means, but I make awesome GF scones with frozen cranberries (dried are yucky for baking IMO), and cranberries don’t get enough baking love.

Also, always getting paired with orange and bran?   BLECCHH!!

Just letting you know up front, this is not a ‘health food’ blog. I do not guaranty that any recipe I post will be low-fat, low-carb, low-cholesterol, or low-anything, with the exception of gluten, and in that case, by low I mean none. What I do guaranty is that when followed with a good bit of faithfulness and the right cookware (seriously, you can’t just use any old pot to make gumbo), the recipes I offer to you will produce good food. I do like to use whole grains as often as possible when baking, but if a healthier whole grain flour just doesn’t taste as good in a biscuit as white rice flour, I’m not using it again. I looove using agave nectar – when it tastes better (or when baking for my diabetic uncle). I try not to use starches too often, but sometimes, they’re needed.

That doesn’t mean I drown everything in butter and bacon. I use canola oil when possible (GF flours are none too forgiving, and don’t seem to like canola all by its lonesome), but butter and shortening give better results, as does coconut oil. I do not cook the recipes I post every day; in fact, I only cook traditional Cajun meals once or twice a week. Vegetables are queen in my kitchen and on my dinner table.

What this does mean is that you, dear readers, get the tastiest things I create. You don’t get the baked potatoes zapped in the microwave and sprinkled with Slap Ya Mama and margarine because I’m too tired to cook anything else. Or tomatoes and hummus. Or a salad, or a green smoothie. You can do that easily on your own. You don’t need a Cajun with Celiac disease to help you out.

But you just might need help with a gluten-free chicken and andouille gumbo. Just give me a bit until the weather settles back down. It’s supposed to be January, but I’ve had my air conditioner running for 3 days now, and 75 degrees outside is sooo not gumbo weather.

❤ Windi

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2 thoughts on “A Change of Heart

  1. Lisa Nulton

    But I love your green smoothies!! Can’t wait to start trying out your recipes chica, I expect to learn lots. 😀

  2. Yeah, I came over to wordpress from blogger. Blogger does have customization this place doesn’t, but it certainly doesn’t have the resources for reaching out to people and promoting your blog like WordPress. I spent years on blogger and in my three/four weeks on wordpress I’ve had more readers and attention than I ever did on blogger.

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