Sorry for the Delay

I’ll have the recipe up soon, an unexpected health concern came up. It’s being handled today. I should be able to to post up the cookies tonight. I wanted to update everyone, though. I’m still here.

                ❤ Windi

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Cookies in the morning!

It’s late, and I’ve been up all night baking, so I’ll post the recipe and instructions tomorrow as soon as I get up. Here’s how they look though, at least the first batch!




By the way, if you google the name of my blog, and find a cookbook, that’s not me. That’s someone from another part of Louisiana that’s not exactly a Cajun area and who doesn’t have a good grasp of intellectual property laws. I’m already in touch with an attorney. I’m more annoyed by the misrepresentation of the name of my blog than anything else. I’ve lived my entire life in Acadiana, and over half of it in the beating heart of Cajun Country – Lafayette. I do not like the food I pour my heart and soul into creating being misrepresented by a self-published cookbook out of the town known for housing the headquarters of the KKK in Louisiana.

I will not stand for this.

❤ Windi

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Contamination in the Kitchen

The promised cookies are coming very soon – in about an hour or two – but first, I have to finish cleaning the kitchen. Y’all, wow. I’ve had gluten-free kitchens since my diagnosis in late 2011. My boyfriend, however, is still learning this. He’s still hanging onto to one contaminated cast-iron pan before I move all of my pans in, and then his gets re-seasoned so it doesn’t get confused for mine of the same size.



Did you know that your old, pre-diagnosis wooden spoons are full of gluten that’s never coming out? If you haven’t already, please replace them. Your non-stick cookware? Mais yeah, it’s hiding in the scratches. Toss them out, or put them in a box with your cooking spoons you can’t use any more. Your cast iron? Scrub it down to silver and re-season it. Wooden cutting boards? Same thing.

All those cooking supplies you can’t use anymore, all that flour? If they haven’t expired, if they’re still in good shape? Pack them up all nice and neat, clean them up, pack them in a box, and give them to a friend in need. Maybe not a family member though – celiac disease runs in families. My daughter has it, my brother has it, my mom (bless her soul) had it, and some of my uncles have it. My aunt isn’t sure, she hasn’t been tested, but she eats gluten free just to be safe.

If you want a good list, this website can give you a guide.

Now, I’m off to finish cleaning and work on cookies.

❤ Windi


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Sorry I didn’t give y’all a holiday update. I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family -yes, boyfriend, one of many life changes was a divorce. They made sure the turkey was gluten free, which honestly, isn’t difficult at all. The honey ham was too. That was great of them to check, my daughter loves ham way more than turkey. I didn’t want to ask more than that of them the first big holiday I spend around them, so I brought a few dishes myself.

It’s a bit late, so I’ll recreate them and post lots of photos of them over the next few weeks- they’re more than appropriate for the Christmas/Solstice season- but my readers will get a recipe that my family has been hounding me to share for over almost 5 years now, I believe the holiday season following the inception of this blog.

Y’all, my family doesn’t even know how to make this cheesecake, but I’ll post the recipe and full instructions. Along with my smoked paprika and garlic roasted snap beans and potatoes, and gluten free gumbo that actually tastes good.

See, the flour is the trick. You won’t get a good, dark roux with rice or sorghum- they burn too easily, and if the roux doesn’t look like baker’s chocolate, the flavor won’t stand up to andouille sausage. It took a few tries – and monumental failures and downright nasty-tasting roux experiments- before I found the perfect flour for dark roux, but I’ve pretty much nailed down which flour works best for what color roux you want and what you’re using it for.

Lache pas la patate.

I know. It doesn’t exactly translate well, does it? Sounds silly, right? It really means “don’t give up”. Just because the potato’s hot, don’t drop it. Don’t let go.

Changing all of our recipes to gluten free because we suddenly find out our beloved, time-honored family recipes are making us sick is heart-breaking. Don’t let it break you.

Lache pas la patate. Don’t let go. Speaking of potatoes- I got you a potato salad recipe for that gumbo. Yeah, potato salad is already gluten free (leave out the Tony’s, cher, it ain’t safe!) but what’s gumbo without potato salad?


❤ Windi

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I’m Back, y’all!

Ok, so I disappeared for…a few years. Sorry about that. Health issues up and down, personal life upheavals. I’m still cooking, still coming up with new recipes, and I’m continuing the family cookbook my mom was working on – bless her soul.

Not only that, but I’m making a gluten-free version of it. A mix of family recipes, spanning from classic Cajun staples and comfort foods, to nearly every Creole dish you’d find in an upscale restaurant in New Orleans, to traditional southern desserts and holiday treats. If I can get it done within a year, I may try to get it published. One little snag though – *someone* nosed around and published a rather empty blog using nearly the same name as mine to promote an…uninspired cookbook.

Sorry the blog name was already taken, cher. I guess I’ll just have to come up with a better name when I publish my cookbook, me.


There ain’t even a damn bayou in Denham.



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Don’t freak if you take a look around and posts have disappeared into the abyss of the internet. There’s a chance of updates happening more frequently, so I’m tossing the non-food posts.

I’m still alive, obviously.

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Potato & Leek Soup with Mushroom and Turnip Greens


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The 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge


So, I’m joining in on the 2012 Pagan Reading Challenge. Basically, you pick a level and try to read the number of books in that bracket. They have to be pagan nonfiction. I picked Novice, which is 1-5 books, but I may bump it up if I finish the books in the next few months, which will happen easily enough, If Spawnling allows me to read.

I’m currently reading Dancing With Dragons by DJ Conway, Tarot For Beginners by P. Scott Hollander, and Druid Power by Amber Wolfe. Once I finish Druid Power I’m going to start either Celtic Magic by DJ Conway or Druid Magic by Maya Magee Sutton and Nicolas R Mann. I’m going to read both of them, I just haven’t yet decided which is going to be next in line. Mystical Dragon Magick, also by DJ Conway, is on the list as well, but I’m going to finish Dancing with Dragons first.

The tarot book I read a chapter of here and there. I’ve been reading tarot cards for years, but I’m a little rusty and need a refresher on the cards. I know what they all mean, but this is one of the most concise books I’ve ever read (aside from the CIG tarot book- for reals) and it’s the one Hubs happens to have in his library, which, by the way, puts the New Age section at most book stores to shame. I’m also reading the Shadowscapes Companion, the book that came with my new tarot deck, a birthday gift from a friend.

If I get to finish those, I’m also going to read Advanced Celtic Shamanism, another by DJ Conway, and I think I might talk Hubs into picking up herMoon Magick title I’ve been eyeing. The last two books I’ve really been wanting to read this year are Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess by Stephanie Woodfield and Celtic Myth and Magic by Edain McCoy.

Edit –

Oh, by the way, I forgot to link to this post in my comment on the Domestic Pagan page for the Reading Challenge, I accidentally linked to my blog itself. Seriously, accident. I’m a ditz sometimes and sporadically have massive reading comprehension fails (thank you brain damage). So, I’m putting an image link in the sidebar.

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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Part 2

Oh boy. Since the weather is still flip-flopping something fierce and leaving me feeling worse for the wear, I confiscated my laptop and ferreted it away to the bedroom. Hubs can deal when he gets back from class and just do his homework instead of whatever it is he does all day, because I need to finish this post already. Remember these?

My brother's favorite breakfast.

The biscuits have returned!

Well, I guess you kinda need the gravy recipe to make them look like that. So, without further adieu (screw you, ‘ado’ sounds like the noise my derpy dog makes), Gluten-Free White Sausage Gravy.

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Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, part 1

My brother's favorite breakfast.

Biscuits. Moist, fluffy, and slightly chewy. Drop biscuits, specifically. I’ve never been a fan of rolled biscuits. They never seem to break apart like they should when homemade, and I can’t stand the store-bought layered biscuits in a can. The layers just weird me out. I keep expecting to find a bug between the layers.

No, I’m not saying there are bugs in the packing plant for companies that make layered biscuits in cans. I’m saying I have terrible paranoia and food that has layers that can hide things makes me think it has something to hide.

Like bugs.

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